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1970s Global Cooling Alarmism

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." – George Santayana

"The scientists and computers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were confidently predicting that the frigid weather would continue. The chilling pronouncement of NOAA's senior climatologist: 'The forecast is for no change.' "
- Time Magazine, 1977

During the 1970's, you can find over one hundred sources where the media promoted global cooling alarmism, some with dire threats of a new ice age. In these you can find extreme weather events hyped as signs of the coming apocalypse and man-made pollution being blamed as the cause. Environmental extremists called for everything from outlawing the internal combustion engine to communist style population controls.

e.g. "Pollution Prospect A Chilling One" (The Argus-Press, January 26, 1970)

"We will be forced to sacrifice democracy by the laws that will protect us from further pollution." - Dr. Arnold Reitze, 1970

The Argus-Press, January 26, 1970

This media hype was found in major newspapers, magazines, books and on television;

"Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way."
- Leonard Nimoy, 1978


1970 - Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age - Scientists See Ice Age In the Future (The Washington Post, January 11, 1970)
1970 - Is Mankind Manufacturing a New Ice Age for Itself? (L.A. Times, January 15, 1970)
1970 - New Ice Age May Descend On Man (Sumter Daily Item, January 26, 1970)
1970 - Pollution Prospect A Chilling One (The Argus-Press, January 26, 1970)
1970 - Pollution's 2-way 'Freeze' On Society (Middlesboro Daily News, January 28, 1970)
1970 - Cold Facts About Pollution (The Southeast Missourian, January 29, 1970)
1970 - Pollution Could Cause Ice Age, Agency Reports (St. Petersburg Times, March 4, 1970)
1970 - Scientist predicts a new ice age by 21st century (The Boston Globe, April 16, 1970)
1970 - Pollution Called Ice Age Threat (St. Petersburg Times, June 26, 1970)
1970 - U.S. and Soviet Press Studies of a Colder Arctic (The New York Times, July 18, 1970)
1970 - Dirt Will Bring New Ice Age (The Sydney Morning Herald, October 19, 1970)
1971 - Ice Age Refugee Dies Underground (Montreal Gazette, Febuary 17, 1971)
1971 - Pollution Might Lead To Another Ice Age (The Schenectady Gazette, March 22, 1971)
1971 - Pollution May Bring Ice Age - Scientist Rites Risk (The Windsor Star, March 23, 1971)
1971 - U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming (The Washington Post, July 9, 1971)
1971 - Ice Age Around the Corner (Chicago Tribune, July 10, 1971)
1971 - Danger: Ice age may lurk in dusty skies (The Christian Science Monitor, July 12, 1971)
1971 - New Ice Age Coming - It's Already Getting Colder (L.A. Times, October 24, 1971)
1971 - Another Ice Age? Pollution Blocking Sunlight (The Day, November 1, 1971)
1971 - Air Pollution Could Bring An Ice Age (Harlan Daily Enterprise, November 4, 1971)
1972 - Air pollution may cause ice age (Free-Lance Star, February 3, 1972)
1972 - Scientist Says New ice Age Coming (The Ledger, February 13, 1972)
1972 - Ice Age Cometh For Dicey Times (The Sun, May 29, 1972)
1972 - Ice Age Coming (Deseret News, September 8, 1972)
1972 - There's a new Ice Age coming! (The Windsor Star, September 9, 1972)
1972 - Scientist predicts new ice age (Free-Lance Star, September 11, 1972)
1972 - British Expert on Climate Change Says New Ice Age Creeping Over Northern Hemisphere (Lewiston Evening Journal, September 11, 1972)
1972 - Climate Seen Cooling For Return Of Ice Age (The Portsmouth Times, ‎September 11, 1972‎)
1972 - New Ice Age Slipping Over North (The Press-Courier, September 11, 1972)
1972 - Beginning of new ice age (The Canberra Times, September 12, 1972)
1972 - Ice Age Begins A New Assault In North (The Age, September 12, 1972)
1972 - Weather To Get Colder (Montreal Gazette, ‎September 12, 1972‎)
1972 - British climate expert predicts new Ice Age (The Christian Science Monitor, September 23, 1972)
1972 - Scientist Sees Chilling Signs of New Ice Age (L.A. Times, September 24, 1972)
1972 - Science: Another Ice Age? (Time Magazine, November 13, 1972)
1972 - Geologist at Case Traces Long Winters - Sees Ice Age in 20 Years (Youngstown Vindicator, December 13, 1972)
1972 - Ice Age On Its Way, Scientist Says (Toledo Blade, December 13, 1972)
1972 - Ice Age Predicted In About 200 Years (The Portsmouth Times, December 14, 1972)
1973 - New Ice Age coming? (Popular Science, January 1973)
1973 - The Ice Age Cometh (The Saturday Review, March 24, 1973)
1973 - Believe new ice age is coming (The Bryan Times, March 31, 1973)
1973 - 'Man-made Ice Age' Worries Scientists (The Free Lance-Star, June 22, 1973)
1973 - Fear Of Man-made Ice Age (The Spartanburg Herald, June 28, 1973)
1973 - Possibility Of Ice Age Worries The Scientists (The Argus-Press, November 12, 1973)
1973 - Weather-watchers think another ice age may be on the way (The Christian Science Monitor, December 11, 1973)
1974 - Ominous Changes in the World's Weather (PDF) (Fortune Magazine, February 1974)
1974 - Atmospheric Dirt: Ice Age Coming?‎ (Pittsburgh Press, February 28, 1974)
1974 - Support for theory of a cooling world (The Canberra Times, May 16, 1974)
1974 - New evidence indicates ice age here (Eugene Register-Guard, May 29, 1974)
1974 - Another Ice Age? (Time Magazine, June 24, 1974)
1974 - 2 Scientists Think 'Little' Ice Age Near (Hartford Courant, August 11, 1974)
1974 - Climate: A Key to the World's Food Supply (NOAA, October, 1974)
1974 - Ice Age, worse food crisis seen (Chicago Tribune, October 30, 1974)
1974 - Imminent Arrival of the Ice (Radio Times, November 14, 1974)
1974 - Making a BBC Science Special [The Weather Machine] (New Scientist, November 14, 1974)
1974 - The Weather Machine (BBC, November 20, 1974)
1974 - New ice age 'could be in our lifetime' (The Canberra Times, November 22, 1974)
1974 - Believes Pollution Could Bring On Ice Age (Ludington Daily News, December 4, 1974)
1974 - Pollution Could Spur Ice Age, Nasa Says (Beaver Country Times, ‎December 4, 1974‎)
1974 - Air Pollution May Trigger Ice Age, Scientists Feel (The Telegraph, ‎December 5, 1974‎)
1974 - More Air Pollution Could Trigger Ice Age Disaster (Daily Sentinel, ‎December 5, 1974‎)
1974 - Scientists Fear Smog Could Cause Ice Age (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 5, 1974)
1975 - Climate Changes Called Ominous (The New York Times, January 19, 1975)
1975 - Climate Change: Chilling Possibilities (Science News, March 1, 1975)
1975 - B-r-r-r-r: New Ice Age on way soon? (Chicago Tribune, March 2, 1975)
1975 - Cooling Trends Arouse Fear That New Ice Age Coming (Eugene Register-Guard, ‎March 2, 1975‎)
1975 - Is Another Ice Age Due? Arctic Ice Expands In Last Decade (Youngstown Vindicator, ‎March 2, 1975‎)
1975 - Is Earth Headed For Another Ice Age? (Reading Eagle, March 2, 1975)
1975 - New Ice Age Dawning? Significant Shift In Climate Seen (Times Daily, ‎March 2, 1975‎)
1975 - There's Troublesome Weather Ahead (Tri City Herald, ‎March 2, 1975‎)
1975 - Is Earth Doomed To Live Through Another Ice Age? (The Robesonian, ‎March 3, 1975‎)
1975 - The Ice Age cometh: the system that controls our climate (Chicago Tribune, April 13, 1975)
1975 - The Cooling World (Newsweek, April 28, 1975)
1975 - Cooling trend may signal coming of another Ice Age (The Sun, May 16, 1975)
1975 - Scientists Ask Why World Climate Is Changing; Major Cooling May Be Ahead (PDF) (The New York Times, May 21, 1975)
1975 - The Armadillos Are Heading South; Ice Age Coming? Chilling Thought for Humanity. (Chicago Tribune, June 2, 1975)
1975 - Summer of A New Ice Age (The Age, June 5, 1975)
1975 - In the Grip of a New Ice Age? (International Wildlife, July-August, 1975)
1975 - Experts ponder another ice age (The Spokesman-Review, September 8, 1975)
1975 - Oil Spill Could Cause New Ice Age (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 11, 1975)
1976 - Deadly Harvest [Film] (Starring: Kim Cattrall, Clint Walker, 1976)
1976 - The Cooling: Has the Next Ice Age Already Begun? [Book] (Lowell Ponte, 1976)
1976 - Ice Age Predicted (Reading Eagle, January 22, 1976)
1976 - Ice Age Predicted In Century (Bangor Daily News, January 22, 1976)
1976 - It's Going To Get Chilly About 125 Years From Now (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, January 23, 1976)
1976 - Worrisome CIA Report; Even U.S. Farms May be Hit by Cooling Trend (U.S. News & World Report, May 31, 1976)
1977 - Blizzard - What Happens if it Doesn't Stop? [Book] (George Stone, 1977)
1977 - The Weather Conspiracy: The Coming of the New Ice Age [Book] (The Impact Team, 1977)
1977 - The Ice Age Cometh... (New York Magazine, January 31, 1977)
1977 - The Big Freeze (Time Magazine, January 31, 1977)
1977 - Has The Ice Age Cometh Again? (Calgary Herald, February 1, 1977)
1977 - Space Mirrors Proposed To Prevent Crop Freezes (Bangor Daily News, February 7, 1977)
1977 - Sunspot lull may bring on new ice age (The Christian Science Monitor, March 30, 1977)
1977 - We Will Freeze in the Dark (Capital Cities Communications Documentary, Host: Nancy Dickerson, April 12, 1977)
1978 - Ice! [Book] (Arnold Federbush, 1978)
1978 - The New Ice Age [Book] (Henry Gilfond, 1978)
1978 - Winter May Be Colder Than In Last Ice Age (Deseret News, January 2, 1978)
1978 - Current Winters Seen Colder Than In Ice Age‎ (The Telegraph, January 3, 1978)
1978 - Winter Temperatures Colder Than Last Ice Age (Eugene Register-Guard, Eugene Register-Guard, January 3, 1978)
1978 - International Team of Specialists Finds No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere (The New York Times, January 5, 1978)
1978 - Little Ice Age: Severe winters and cool summers ahead (Calgary Herald, January 10, 1978)
1978 - Winters Will Get Colder, 'we're Entering Little Ice Age' (Daily Record, January 10, 1978)
1978 - Geologist Says Winters Getting Colder (Middlesboro Daily News, January 16, 1978)
1978 - It's Going To Get Colder (Boca Raton News, ‎January 17, 1978‎)
1978 - Another Ice Age? (Kentucky New Era, February 12, 1978)
1978 - Another Ice Age? (Reading Eagle, ‎February 13, 1978‎)
1978 - The Coming Ice Age (In Search Of TV Show, Season 2, Episode 23, Host: Leonard Nimoy, May 1978)
1978 - An Ice Age Is Coming Weather Expert Fears (Milwaukee Sentinel, November 17, 1978)
1979 - A Choice of Catastrophes - The Disasters That Threaten Our World [Book] (Isaac Asimov, 1979)
1979 - The Sixth Winter [Book] (John R. Gribbin, 1979)
1979 - The New Ice Age Cometh (The Age, January 16, 1979)
1979 - Ice Age Building Up (Daily Record, June 5, 1979)
1979 - Large Glacial Buildup Could Mean Ice Age (Daily Chronicle, June 5, 1979)
1979 - Ice Age On Its Way (Lewiston Morning Tribune, June 7, 1979)
1979 - Get Ready to Freeze (Daily Chronicle, October 12, 1979)
1979 - New ice age almost upon us? (The Christian Science Monitor, November 14, 1979)

* Notes: A few of the news stories are duplicates in different papers with slightly different titles, this is intentional to show that these types of stories were not isolated to a certain regional paper. This list is not comprehensive since not all media publications from the time period are available in digital form.


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You ironically find one of the most outspoken supporters of modern day global warming theory appearing to be promoting global cooling in the 1970s, the late Dr. Steven Schneider;

Update 1:

From the BBC documentary 'The Weather Machine' on November 20, 1974.

"The ice age is due now anytime" - Professor George Kukla, Columbia University, 1974

Update 2:

From the CBS Evening News on September 11, 1972.

"Professor Hubert Lamb says that a new ice age is creeping over the northern hemisphere."

- 'The Most Trusted Man in America', Peabody Award Winner Walter Cronkite, 1972

Update 3:

From the ABC Evening News on January 18, 1977; January 11, 1978 and February 8, 1978.

"There's a theory advanced by climatologists that the last two years of battering by winter means that an ice age is returning to the Earth with glaciers down to the Mason-Dixon line and freezing temperatures south of that."

- Rhodes Scholar and 'Murrow Boy' Howard K. Smith, 1978

Update 4:

The scientific community acknowledged the cooling alamism of the 1970s in the scientific literature.

Expert judgment and climate forecasting: A methodological critique of "climate change to the year 2000"
Climatic Change, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 159–183, June 1985
- Thomas R. Stewart, Michael H. Glantz

"One could effectively argue that in the early 1970s the prevailing view was that the earth was moving toward a new ice age. Many articles appeared in the scien-tific literature as well as in the popular press speculating about the impact on agriculture of a 1-2 "C cooling." - Climatic Change, 1985


Jack Savage said...

Thank you for this excellent round up. I have bookmarked it and will refer all those people who deny this ever happened apart from "an isolated Time article" to it.

ParmaJohn said...

See? I'm not crazy. I remember the news stories vividly. I was a teenager eating up all of the horror stories back in the '70's. I loved the "In Search of..." series. The ice age scare really did happen, so stop telling me it didn't.

Thanks also for the montage bookending Stephen Schneider's glorious lifetime career in fear-mongering. He was one of the best! He was ten times the Mann today's are.

Andrew said...

Disgraced climate alarmist William Connolley is trying to spam my comment section. What does he think this is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia’s climate doctor: How Wikipedia’s green doctor rewrote 5,428 climate articles

More on Wikipedia and Connolley – he’s been canned as a Wiki administrator

Unlike Wikipedia Connolley cannot rewrite this history.

FZ said...

I say throw the bum (Connolley) out!

Unknown said...

Excellent job on this! I’m definitely spreading this around…

ncdave4life said...

Great list!!

There was also this definitive 1974 CIA Report on climate change (or here).

Nor were the 1970s the first example of such climate alarmism. Scary predictions of climate change (both warming and cooling) seem to be de rigueur every time there are a couple of back-to-back warm or cool years. Here are some more examples.

BTW, there's a lively discussion of this page on WUWT.

Andrew said...

ncdave4life, I am well aware of the WUWT post as I am the one who emailed Anthony and gave him permission to post the article.

ncdave4life said...

I know that you know it, Andrew. My comment was directed toward your readers.

This article of yours is clearly "best in class." It's an instant classic, which will be frequently referenced from many other web sites, and will help to open the eyes of many people who are naive and new to the climate debate. Your article is the perfect rebuttal to climate alarmists who're in denial about the 1970s ice age scare, which was driven by climatologists' dire warnings about anthropogenic global cooling. In fact, I just linked to your article in a comment on a climate alarmism blog.

As for Wm Connolley, he's still very active on Wikipedia, and still blatantly enforcing his bias in climate-related articles, as in this tiny example a few days ago. Wikipedia czar Jimbo Wales loves Connolley. He's not currently an official "administrator," but he has administrator-like rights called "autopatrol," "review," and "rollback."

Reference said...

Another one for your list?

Lamb, H. H. Is the Earth’s Climate Changing? For the past 30 years the temperature of our planet has been steadily dropping.
The UNESCO Courier: a window open on the world; Vol. XXVI (8/9), 17-20
HUBERT H. LAMB of Great Britain is an international authority on the long term processes of climatic change. He is director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (U.K.) and for many years has been actively engaged in international research on climate, in particular polar meteorology and the study of climatic fluctuations.
Among his many writings are "The Changing Climate" (1966) and, most recently, "Climate: Present, Past and Future", a major study of which Volume I, "Fundamentals and the Climate Now" appeared last year (Methuen, London; Barnes and Noble, New York).

And the date when volume 26 of The UNESCO Courier was printed? 1973 said...

Thanks for the comprehensive list. The previous alarmism went back as early as this Deseret News article from January 1964:,4543021&dq=ice+age+scientists&hl=en

Andrew said...

There are more stories from the 60s but I was trying to keep them all in the same decade.

JS said...

Very handy list. Here are three more books for it:
Nigel Calder (1976) 'The Weather Machine and the Threat of Ice', BBC Publications.
Stephen Schneider (1976) 'The Genesis Strategy', Plenum.
John Gribbin (1976) 'Forecasts, Famines and Freezing', Wildwood House.

Professional Driver said...

"Extreme weather events were hyped as signs of the coming apocalypse and man-made pollution was blamed as the cause. Environmental extremists called for everything from outlawing the internal combustion engine to communist style population controls. " sound vaguely familiar. ..I love how opposite problems require the same solution.

Arno Arrak said...

PT cloth icetcexceed daysmnThere was real cooling in the middle of the twentieth century starting in 1940. In doing research on the Arctic I discovered that Arctic warming had started at the beginning of the twentieth century. But then it was interrupted with cooling starteing in 1940 and lasting until 1970. NOAA Arctic Report Card for 2010 has a twentieth century temperature chart for latitudes 60 and above that shows this clearly. from their data the rate of cooling for these thirty years was 0.3 degrees per decade. It so happens that 1940 was also the same year that the early century warming stopped. It had started in 1910 and bt 1940 global temperature had increased by 0.5 degrees Celsius. The cooling that followed 1940 was responsible for the extremely cold winters in the eastern theater of World War II. German tanks under Moscow could not move because their engines froze. Next year the battle of Stalingrad was fought in exceptionally cold Russian winter. This goes in parallel to what NOAA reported for the Arctic region. There was recovery from cold after the war ended but even in 1947 a blizzard could shut down the entire city of New York. I don't have data on the recovery and it is feasible that even after 1970 when the warming of the early century returned the lingering cold could have impressed observers. Unfortunately the temperatures of thisa period have neen contentious and it is possible that the y have been manipulated by the Hansen gang. Some warmists have claimed that the cooling was caused by aerosols from war production which I will simply discount. But I will not doubt that there must have been some record of cooling they felt needed to explained away. If you cannot find any record of it it has been disappeared by the guardians of temperature. These guys are not beyond inventing a warming as I discovered. In the eighties and nineties mean global temperature was constant for 18 years but they invented a non-existent "late twentieth century warming" to cover it up. I exposed that scam in my book "What Warming?" and two years later that warming was withdrawn.

Ric Werme said...

1975 - Climate Change: Chilling Possibilities (Science News, March 1, 1975) is on the web at - it may require a subscription.

The cover for that issue is at and is for the climate story.

Ano Minto said...

There was even a feature film

Stefanthedenier said...

WOW, and another WOW! You are contributing more to bringing the truth to ''bingo player'' than anybody else ever did!!! BRAVO!

Predicting weather / climate is THE oldest profession - prostitution was the second oldest. because: IF they ''predict'' normal as usual - taxpayer get stingy; ''predictors'' are not stupid - they are dishonest, but not stupid

I inserted your links to those news clips, on my old post - please see the rest of the post:

StormyKnight said...

My grade school teacher told our class that by the end of the 20th century there would be glaciers taller than the buildings in Chicago. Danged if she wasn't right. I still can't get into Chicago because of the gigantic glaciers which is weird because I live 60 miles north of Chi-town and there are no glaciers here.
Weather can't be predicted several days, weeks or months in advance. What makes people believe it can be predicted years in advance? If you ask me, all debate was settled when Algore bought ocean front property AFTER espousing that the seas were going to rise 30 feet by 1999. So why, why, WHY would you buy ocean front property if that were true? Hmmm?

Unknown said...

It would be great if these materials were used to create a prime time TV special to show the younger generations (and remind those who lived through it) how "settled" the climate science was in the 1970's.

Dan said...

The January 1978 Smithsonian Magazine should be included on this list, with Nigel Calder's "The ice ages may return, but we expect to have a few thousand years to get ready for them," p. 32.

APA reference:
Calder, N. (1978). Head south with all deliberate speed: Ice may return in a few thousand years. Smithsonian, (8)10, 32-41.

Money Quote:

"If the carbon dioxide threat, is real, the natural trend toward another ice age can be averted for a couple of centuries by simply consuming what is left of our fossil fuels" (p. 40).

Andrew said...

A note for the reading impaired - this article does not discuss the strawman argument of "scientific consensus" but rather documents the irrefutable evidence showing a media promoted global cooling alarmism in the 1970s.

Estoy_Listo said...

I was there, starting a family and brooding about the upcoming cooling and resultant famine. I tell my story to my grandchildren, and I always finish with the story of the "green revolution" and how amazingly prosperous the world has become over my life time.

Denileriverafter said...

The whole episode is on Youtube. Sounds JUST like Al Gore today, trying to scare us! It's In Search Of season 2 episode 23.

Common Sense said...

Acid Rain is killing us all..don't yah know

ncdave4life said...

CBS got Youtube to take down that Cronkite clip, even though it was obviously "fair use." However, I have a saved copy of it, here:

Mary said...

I was there, saw the headlines, the news stories. We were supposed to be frozen over by the 90’s. I remember...