Monday, May 16, 2011

Who is Deep Climate?

A new climate alarmist blog appeared on October 18, 2008 from an "unknown" Canadian setting out to both "follow the money" and "follow the science" of the "climate science 'skeptic' movement in Canada". Who in the great Northwest of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada would undertake such a daunting task? Could it be a frustrated academic, a jaded technician or even a rouge scientist perhaps? No, a job of this importance requires someone of much greater skill and cunning...

For this we need,

"One of Canada's most tasteful and accomplished acoustic guitarists"


Meet Dave Clarke,


Member, Ukulele Band, (Grade School)
Member, White River Bluegrass Band (Late 1970s)
Member, Soupe du Jour Band (1980s)
Member, Steel Rails Band (1991-2007)
Member, Shearwater Bluegrass Band (2006-Present) (Video)
Instructor, Bluegrass, Folk and Swing Guitar (Many Years)
"Operations Research Analyst" [Decision Support Specialist], Air Canada (For Some Years)


"I have two degrees, one in computer science/math and one in music," - Dave Clarke

Even in college he was legendary, "Thirty years ago, Dave and I were students together at Dawson College in Montreal. I was in charge of the folk concert series and he was one of the best guitar players at the college."

Through the power of the Internet I was able to gain access deep into the former Deep Climate "studios",


The likely origins of "CopyGate".

The revelation that Deep Climate really is the "legendary" acoustic guitarist, David Clarke may be new to some but his cover was actually blown back in 2009 by Watts Up With That? commentators when he carelessly made his domain name a matter of public record.


Pete Ridley said...

Hi Andrew, I have recently been enjoying exchanges with Dave Clarke over on his Deep Climate “Open Thread # 11” thread ( I decided to join in the discussion there because the subject was the pseudo-science sceptics “dragon slayers” association Principia Scientific International, led by chief-slayer John O’Sullivan, about whom much has been said recently. If you are interested then you could do worse that paying a visit to Professor Judith Curry’s “Letter to the dragon slayers” thread ( and to Lucia Liljegrens’ “Do Industrial Countries Absorb CO2” thread (

I had made the comment that “ .. anyone hiding behind a false name .. That’s what I call cowardice .. ” and Steven Mosher responded with QUOTE: .. Say that over at Deep Climate. Or Thingsbreak. or policylass.
that’ll take some courage .. UNQUOTE (

Well, you know me, in for a penny ….

What a surprise to see lots of my old friends there, such as Ian Forrester (remember him?), Snapple, dhogaza, Marco, adelady – what a pleasant surprise – so wasn’t at all surprised at the reception I had from that lot. Eventually Dave (Deep Climate) Clarke started “snipping” my comments and ultimately shut the door in my face. He obviously hates open debate. Here’s one of my comments that he took umbrage over (sory about the split into separate comments but the 4095 character limit makes it necessary).


Hi Deep (whatever), thanks for that link to “Mr. Cool .. ” ( Surely you understand Ball’s points that “ ..
- wild swings in the earth's temperature are perfectly normal ..
- atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its lowest level in 600 million years ..
- How can .. they have any idea what its going to be like 100 years from now if they can't tell .. what the weather is going to be like in four months, or even next week?"
- the Mann team "cooked the books," .. "He threw out all the data that didn't fit his hypothesis," ..
- its blunders were confirmed just a few days previously, in a report to the Congress by the U.S. Academies of Science ..
- the real danger for Canada is not warming, but cooling ..
- "We all just need to calm down." ..
.. ”.

I could go on but you’ll probably just “snip” because you seem to hate open debate.

Pete Ridley said...


I don’t know many sceptics who would disagree with Professor Ball’s opinion that “ .. [Mann] should be in jail! .. ” taking into consideration his very selective use of PCA while merging highly selective tree-ring data with statistically manipulated temperature measurements at a few points on the vast surface of this planet. As that article says “ .. a report to the Congress by the U.S. Academies of Science .. ” Try Andrew Montford’s excellent exposé “The Hockey Stick Illusion” ( and )

Let’s not overlook the fact that the “Mr. Cool” article was simply an eye-catching piece published in a newspaper only a few months before the UN’s political organisation the IPCC published its scary AR4 SPM. We all know that the media sells scare stories better than good news and CACC is a wonderful scare story. As Steven Schneider said “ .. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. .. ” (

Instead of doing the right thing and insisting that scientists tell the truth and nothing but the truth he permissively said “ .. I hope that means being both .. ”. In my opinion scientists who allow others to decide between “being effective and being honest” are encouraging instead of condemning lying. No wonder scientists are now placed alongside politicians and beneath used-car salesmen in the league table of professional honesty.

I repeat what you “snipped” from my comment of 20th Dec. QUOTE: ..

The first link to the comment by Ric Werme also makes reference to Phil Jones’s unkind comments about John Daly’s untimely death – rather different from the words expressed at Realclimate when Steven Schneider died.
The comments on that thread provide links to some of the many excellent articles that John Daly wrote. If there are any open-minded individuals reading this thread then you may be interested in also reading my comment there on 24th Nov. at 9:58 am which as well as talking about John Daly and Steven Schneider also gives a mention to John O’Sullivan and his band of “Slayers”.

Pete Ridley said...


In my comment I provide a link to an interesting article by John Daly about Schneider’s concern in the 1970’s about the coming ice-age before deciding to switch to the Catastrophic AGW gravy train after the “ice-age” one ran out of steam. That article also discussed Steven Schneider’s eagerness to offer scary scenarios to the general public without paying to much attention to the significant scientific uncertainties.

There are those who support the view which Schneider expressed in Oct. 1989 about the manner in which climate science should be presented. He said "To capture the public imagination, we have to offer up some scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and little mention of any doubts one might have. Each of us has to decide the right balance between being effective, and being honest" ( My interpretation of that statement is that it is up to each of us to decide whether to lie or not. This is expected of politicians and those who earn their living through the media but not of those in a position of trust like physicians and researchers.

I expect that people here will try to defend those words by Schneider but in my opinion they are indefensible. Once scientists start lying and distorting their research findings in order to promote a hypothesis they can never be trusted. A prime example is the claims made by the UN’s IPCC in their “politicised-science” reports which have resulted in the general public (excluding the environmental zealots) having no trust in the IPCC.

Then there is the infamous “hockey stick” that Dr. Michael Mann produced magically out of his hat after waving his PCA wand. It took a while but McIntyre and McKittrick did finally figure out how he had pulled off that trick. If you’d like to read more about this then try “Climategate’s Mann Trick” by Edward R. Long, Ph. D. formerly a NASA physicist “ .. Prof. Phil Jones said, ‘I have just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years to hide the decline.’ .. Jones has gone a step further than did Mann. He has extended all three sets of proxy data to 2000 by using the thermometer data as if it were the proxy data, as if the instrumental data were the proxy data. This is his implementation of the ‘Mann Trick’ – a completely fraudulent presentation .. ” (

No doubt there will be those here who will jump in with “Long is in the pay of the oil industry”.


Dave “snipped” all of that and most of my final submission and concluded “ .. I've had more than enough. Please don't bother commenting here again. .. I am also not interested in your Moncktonian conspiracy theories concerning the UN's agenda for wealth redistribution and global government. You'll have to take it somewhere else from now on. Thanks! .. ”.

Some people just hate the truth.

Best regards, Pete Ridley