Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Skeptical Science: The Partnership with Al Gore

In March of 2012, the climate alarmist website Skeptical Science had their forums "hacked" and the contents posted online. In a forum thread titled, "Got a call from Al Gore's people today" John Cook proudly posted,
"This morning, had a long skype call with a guy working with Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. [...] He brought up the possibility of a partnership. [...] an exciting opportunity and another vindication of what we're doing" - John Cook [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
This was met with near unanimous enthusiasm,
"I am a great admirer of Al Gore, and think of him as a prophet of our time." - alan_marshall [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
"I personally approve of Gore." - nealjking [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
"...this is a good opportunity to give a wider circulation to SkS content and resources and should be seized on with vigour." - Steve Brown [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
"Welcome to the BIG TIME boys and girls..." - Glenn Tamblyn [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
"This is a good opportunity" - grypo [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
"I have no qualms about SkS providing content to Gore's new organization, [...] I'd even consider doing freelance stuff for him" - Daniel Bailey [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
"I think that's awesome." - Dana Nuccitelli [Skeptical Science], September 28, 2011
"Nice. [...] I think there is a good chance he's going to be looked at very very differently 5-10 years from now" - Rob Honeycutt [Skeptical Science], September 28, 2011
"I think its a great opportunity that Al Gore's folks are interested in using SkS-content. ...AIT really drove home the issues with climate change for me" - BaerbelW [Skeptical Science], September 28, 2011
"Sounds like a great opportunity." - Rob Painting [Skeptical Science], September 28, 2011
"When a golden opportunity comes your way, grab it! What the heck are wa waiting for? Let's do it!" - John Hartz [Skeptical Science], September 28, 2011
Cook later posted updates on his partnership with Gore,
"Sorry for taking so long to join this discussion. UQ (and Jim Powell + The Climate Reality Project folk) are working me pretty hard." - John Cook [Skeptical Science], October 20, 2011
"I created the data feeds for them a few weeks back, heard back from them this week with requested changes to the data feed but haven't had time yet to respond. Will aim to do it tomorrow" - John Cook [Skeptical Science], November 23, 2011
Just like Real Climate, Skeptical Science has direct ties to Al Gore but they don't want you to know this.

The Truth about RealClimate.org (Popular Technology.net, July 6, 2009)
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Skeptical Science hacked, private user details publicly posted online (Skeptical Science, March 25, 2011)

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