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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Temperatures

Global warming alarmists like to distort the scale on temperature graphs to exaggerate the mild warming of less than a degree since the end of the little ice age. (IPCC +0.74 °C)

NASS GISS Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index (1880-2009)



NASS GISS Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index (1880-2009)


Uncle Andy said...

Lovely simple article... Amazing what can be seen visually depending on the graph. Just shows that the temperature increse we have seen is not a modern, post-WWII thing, but a gradual increase since, in this graph, 1880. Utter piffle.

Unknown said...

Temperature is a macroscopic variable that represents the amount of thermal energy in a system. So if we are doing any temperature comparisons we must use the Kelvin temperature scale. Assuming the average temperature of Earth is 15 C (288K) and that the temperature has increased by 1 degree C (1 K) then the percentage increase in energy (or temperature if you like) is 1/288 = 0.35% or 3.5 parts per thousand.

That's how much variation we are talking about.