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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Truth about Skeptical Science

Source: Skeptical Science Forums
Skeptical Science is a climate alarmist website created by a self-employed cartoonist, John Cook (who apparently pretends to be a Nazi). It is moderated by zealots who ruthlessly censor any and all form of dissent from their alarmist position. This way they can pretend to win arguments, when in reality they have all been refuted. The abuse and censorship does not pertain to simply any dissenting commentator there but to highly credentialed and respected climate scientists as well; Dr. Pielke Sr. has unsuccessfully attempted to engage in discussions there only to be childishly taunted and censored, while Dr. Michaels has been dishonestly quoted and smeared. The irony of the site's oxymoronic name "Skeptical Science" is that the site is not skeptical of even the most extreme alarmist positions.

John Cook is now desperately trying to cover up his background that he was employed as a cartoonist for over a decade with no prior employment history in academia or climate science.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine we can reveal what his website originally said,

"I'm not a climatologist or a scientist but a self employed cartoonist" - John Cook, Skeptical Science

A link from the Skeptical Science "About" page originally went to his cartoonist page,

"John Cook: A cartoonist working from home in Brisbane, Australia" - SEV

It is very important for Mr. Cook to keep up this facade, as once people learn of his lack of credentials and scientifically worthless employment history they are unlikely to take his website seriously no matter how he desperately pads his resume. As opposed to the highly credentialed climate scientists his staff harassed and censored;

Patrick J. Michaels, A.B. Biological Sciences, University of Chicago (1971); S.M. Biology, University of Chicago (1975); Ph.D. Ecological Climatology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1979); Research and Project Assistant, Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin (1976-1979); Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1980-1986); Virginia State Climatologist (1980-2007); President, Central Virginia Chapter, American Meteorological Society (1986-1987); Executive Board, American Association of State Climatologists (1986-1989); Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1986-1995); President, American Association of State Climatologists (1987-1988); Chair, Committee on Applied Climatology, American Meteorological Society (1988-1999); Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, Cato Institute (1992-Present); Visiting Scientist, Marshall Institute (1996-Present); Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Member, Association of American Geographers; Member, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society; Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1996-Present); Contributor and Expert Reviewer, IPCC (1990, 1992, 1995, 2001, 2007)

Roger A. Pielke Sr., B.A. Mathematics, Towson State College (1968); M.S. Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University (1969); Ph.D. Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University (1973); Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State University (1968); National Science Foundation Trainee, Pennsylvania State University (1968-1971); Research Meteorologist, Experimental Meteorology Laboratory, NOAA (1971-1974); Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1974-1977); Distinguished Authorship Award, NOAA (1974); Leroy Meisinger Award, American Meteorological Society (1977); Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1978-1981); Chief Editor, Monthly Weather Review (1981-1985); Fellow, American Meteorological Society (1982); Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (1982-1985); Abell New Faculty Research and Graduate Program Award (1984); Deputy Director, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (1985-1988); Professor of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (1985-2000), Abell Research Faculty Award (1987/1988); Researcher of the Year, Colorado State University Research Foundation (1993), Pennsylvania State Centennial Fellow (1996); Alumni of the Year, Pennsylvania State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (1999); Colorado State Climatologist (1999-2006); Engineering Dean's Council Award, Colorado State University (2000); Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University (2003-2006); Fellow, American Geophysical Union (2004); Visiting Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona (2004); Senior Research Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado-Boulder (2005-Present); Senior Research Associate, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Colorado-Boulder (2005-Present); Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (2007-Present)

Refuting 104 Talking Points from Skeptical Science (PDF) (28pgs) (Lubos Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, March 29, 2010) - [Archive]
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Update 1: In March of 2012, the climate alarmist website Skeptical Science had their forums "hacked" and the contents posted online. What was revealed is simply astonishing,

Skeptical Science: The Censorship of Poptech
"The impact of that ban on PopTech was to silence him." - [Skeptical Science]
Skeptical Science: "Ding dong, the witch is dead"
"Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart is dead at 43" "Ding dong, the witch is dead..." - John Hartz [Skeptical Science], March 2, 2012
Skeptical Science: "[W]e're all a bunch of leftists"
"It's official, we're all a bunch of leftists" - John Cook [Skeptical Science], August 26, 2011
Skeptical Science: The Partnership with Al Gore
"This morning, had a long skype call with a guy working with Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. [...] He brought up the possibility of a partnership. [...] an exciting opportunity and another vindication of what we're doing" - John Cook [Skeptical Science], September 27, 2011
Skeptical Science: From Al Gore to Al Jazeera
"Al Jazeera want[s] to feature SkS as the Site of the Week... Am sending them some info and pics now." - John Cook [Skeptical Science], September 28, 2011
Skeptical Science: Too Inaccurate for Joe Romm
"Just got this email from Joe Romm: You must do more post vetting. More errors are creeping into posts and it will start making people like me wary of using them." - John Cook [Skeptical Science], December 2, 2011
Skeptical Science: "Drown Them Out"
"Badgersouth [John Hartz] and I were just discussing the potential of setting up a coordinated "Crusher Crew" where we could pull our collective time and knowledge together in order to pounce on overly vocal deniers on various comments sections of blogs and news articles." - Rob Honeycutt [Skeptical Science], February 11, 2011

Update 2: On August 6, 2013, a hidden image folder was found on the Skeptical Science forums that contained uploaded images of John Cook and Dana Nuccetelli photoshopped as Nazis.

Source: Skeptical Science Forums


ingvar_E said...

Well written!

Anonymous said...

Cook is a deceitful idiot whose web site will never allow any discussion or point of view contrary to his world view and they become especially vicious when you prove their viewpoint is BS.

JohnPD said...

www.wattsupwiththat.com label SKS "unreliable".
A friend told me they post "only lies"
Nuff said.

Sarahwitch said...

As someone who spent about 10 years on John Cook's website writing most of his punchlines for him under the name "Riff," I have to say that I watched his downfall with relative bemused horror, as he descended into insanity like Don Quixote or Blanche Dubois. The fact is that AGW-proponents are NOT "theorists," or scientists of any kind, since they ignore the basic scientific method regarding proof or BURDEN OF proof.
He claims to be debunking climate myths spread by climate science doubters or “skeptics," not realizing that this presumes validation of a hypothesis, while blindly ignoring the established theory that humans do NOT significantly AND HARMFULLY contribute to increased global temperatures.
Indeed, Christian Scientists and the Church of Scientology is more credible than AGW.