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The Sun controls the Earth's climate

Unstoppable Solar Cycles (10 min)

The persistent role of the Sun in climate forcing (The Danish National Space Center)
Over the past 20 years the solar cycle remains fully apparent in variations both of tropospheric air temperature and of ocean subsurface water temperature.

When the response of the climate system to the solar cycle is apparent in the troposphere and ocean, but not in the global surface temperature, one can only wonder about the quality of the surface temperature record. For whatever reason, it is a poor guide to Sun-driven physical processes that are still plainly persistent in the climate system.

One cannot distinguish between the effects of anthropogenic gases such as carbon dioxide and of natural greenhouse gases. For example, increased evaporation means that infrared radiation from water vapor, by far the most important greenhouse gas, will tend to provide positive feedback for any global warming, ... In any case, the most recent global temperature trend is close to zero.

The continuing rapid increase in carbon dioxide concentrations during the past 10-15 years has apparently been unable to overrule the °attening of the temperature trend as a result of the Sun settling at a high, but no longer increasing, level of magnetic activity. Contrary to the argument of Lockwood and FrÄohlich, the Sun still appears to be the main forcing agent in global climate change.
100,000-Year Climate Pattern Linked To Sun's Magnetic Cycles (Dartmouth College)
Breathing Cycles in Earth's Upper Atmosphere Linked to Solar Wind Disturbances (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Changes In Sun’s Intensity Tied To Recurrent Droughts In Maya Region (University of Florida)
Evidence For Sun-climate Link Reported By UMaine Scientists (University of Maine)
Flares From Sun's Far Side May Affect Space Weather Of Inner Planets (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)
Greater Solar Activity May Bring United States More Gray Days (NASA)
Holes In Sun's Corona Linked To Atmospheric Temperature Changes On Earth (Long Island University)
NASA Finds Sun-Climate Connection in Old Nile Records (NASA)
NASA Study Finds Increasing Solar Trend That Can Change Climate (NASA)
New Analysis Shows Earth's Lower Stratosphere In Synch With Solar Cycle (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Northern Climate, Ecosystems Driven By Cycles Of Changing Sunlight (University Of Illinois)
Regional Variation In Warming From Sun During Solar Cycle Shown By Satellite (University of Colorado)
Scientists Determine Biological And Ecosystem Changes In Polar Regions Linked To Solar Variability (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Solar Cycle Linked to Global Climate (National Science Foundation)
Sun's Direct Role In Global Warming May Be Underestimated, Duke Physicists Report (Duke University)
Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate: Sun Cycle Can Predict Rainfall Fluctuations (University of New England, Australia)
Sun's Past Strength Took Toll On Tropical Glaciers, Worsens Today's Outlook (University of Alberta, Canada)
Surface Warming And The Solar Cycle (University of Washington)
The Sun's Chilly Impact On Earth (NASA)
The Sun Is More Active Now Than Over The Last 8000 Years (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research)

Read the sunspots (R. Tim Patterson, Ph.D. Professor of Earth Science)
Solar Variability and Climate Change (Willie Soon, Ph.D. Astrophysicist)
The Sun Also Warms (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics, Willie Soon Ph.D. Astrophysicist)
Why So Hot? Don't Blame Man, Blame the Sun (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics)

Climate History and the Sun (PDF) (Sallie Baliunas Ph.D. Astrophysics, Willie Soon Ph.D. Astrophysicist)
Shining More Light on the Solar Factor (PDF) (Joseph D’Aleo, M.S. Meteorology, CCM, AMS Fellow)
Solar Cycles, Not CO2, Determine Climate (PDF) (Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D. Ph.D. D.Sc.)
The Varying Sun & Climate Change (PDF) (Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. Astrophysics, Willie Soon Ph.D. Astrophysicist)

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Jim Matkin said...

This blog written in 2008 is spot on with the latest climate science. Here are sites that support the view that natural solar cycles are "the driving force" of climate chnage.A new Chinese study published by NATURE April 2017 confirms climate change comes from natural cycles. This research is based on the longest actual temperature data of more than 400 years from 1659 to 2013, including the period of anthropogenic warming.

The authors Geli Wang & Peicai Yang and Xiuji Zhou are scientists at the CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE and Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Beijing, China 中国气象科学研究院
Also Professor Carl-Otto Wiess, adviser to the European Institute for Climate and Energy; Former President of the National Metrology Institute of Germany, Braunschweig, used spectral analysis of all long-term climate data to show that all climate change is due to natural cycles, and there is no signal at all from our CO2 emissions. Lüdecke, H. J., Hempelmann, A., & Weiss, C. O. (2013). Lüdecke, H. J., Hempelmann, A., & Weiss, C. O. (2013). Multi-periodic climate dynamics: spectral analysis of long-term instrumental and proxy temperature records. Climate of the Past, 9(1), 447-452. 9(1), 447-452. “"

Jim Matkin said...

Excellent compilation of important research that continues to be germane. Here is a paper from Beijing published in NATURE that concludes solar changes are the driving force of climate not Green House Gases."The authors Geli Wang & Peicai Yang and Xiuji Zhou are scientists at the CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE and Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Beijing, China 中国气象科学研究院

ANTHROPOGENIC (human activity). The driving forces are
“the El Niño–Southern Oscillation cycle and the Hale sunspot cycle, respectively.”
The title of the study published in the prestigious NATURE Journal is:

Identification of the driving forces of climate change using the longest instrumental temperature record"